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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

- Buddha

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Mental preparation is very dynamic process as we know that, mental preparations goes right to the last minute of an event.  
It is mostly good that, this emotional state is keeping the constant flow of the adrenaline but, it can turned into a problem if, it is allowed to get out of control and athlete remain in a state of excitement for a prolonged period. In that case, it will leave those athletes feeling tired & exhausted. They might not be able to find that extra oomph when needed during the heat of the battle.     

At the highest level at this stage, it is all mental game.
There are many psychological traits a champion athlete can display. Keeping emotions well under their control can be a very vital traits and every champion athletes need to acquire it.  

.All athletes have to work on developing the mental skill, just as they work on games skill & fitness. Keeping your emotions under control can be added to their psychological traits and  mastered. 



Anxiety is natural response to many events we face in our daily life. If we can keep the anxiety to a level, which can be managed. It is a very powerful stimulant to our body because, it arouse our senses to sharpen our responses. Stress is part and parcel of life and have been with us forever. 

Anxiety in itself is not harmful but, how we reacts to it, is more important, A negative response can distress you, particularly,  if you allow it to stay for a prolong period.

A person who experience anxiety for a few times can actually develop steely nerves as worry is often the first step to problem solving..    
Managing anxiety properly, when it arises is very important step to keep stress away. It is not about worrying or feeling anxious but finding ways to react effectively. If  we perceive the ability to cope with it, then we will not feel too stressed about it.

Taking things in proper perspective and appropriate lifestyle changes can be part of solutions.  


The problem of weight loss issues are getting gigantic in size and matching some of the out of control waste lines. 
Tackling  the weight loss with fad diets, a prepared meals plans or replacement diet shakes is never going to be a permanent solution. As soon as you are off these diets, you not only gain all the weight you have lost, but often gain more than what was lost.

Fundamental problem is finding the real reason to loss weight. If, your reason is correct one, you will put your best efforts and will be willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals.. 

Key is understanding the problem and understanding why you are gaining weight and then eliminating it. 

Your biggest asset can be knowing the virtues of balanced nutrition and then having right choices, day in and day out. This is 80-85 % battle won. If you are determined and committed to take control of your body weight, you can also add some physical activity in your daily and weekly routines .