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Any form of given or acquired fitness is never static, it is a dynamic process which constantly changes in response to internal and external environment of the body. It involves an individual's constantly changing physical and chemical balances in every moment of a given day to day activities.

Experts across the globe agrees that :

"Physical fitness is the ability of an individual to carry out daily tasks with vigor and still left with enough energy to plan lifetime gaols and enjoy leisure pursuits."
Everyone of us have a potential for building our state of physical health to higher level. It simply requires a commitment to caring for the physical self.Healthy individuals approaches the world more effectively in combating rigors of life.  It simply means people with higher level of physical fitness are able to deal with stressful situations more effectively.

There are several components physical fitness:-
  1. Flexibility
  2. Endurance (Cardiovascular & Respiratory)
  3. Muscle Power (Strength, Tone, Co-ordination and Contour)
  4. Nutrition
  5. Relaxation
So, any given fitness goals should have all these components well integrated in order to achieve best results. It is not that, any of these components do not work individually. They do, but when a right combination and balance in all the component are practiced then optimal level of fitness is achieved. It is best that, all the components be taken on board when setting up a fitness plans, as all these components of fitness not only complement each other but, also optimizes the level of fitness you may strive to achieve.

  • Our team of experts will help you to achieve the level of fitness you desire.
  • We will help you by starting from basic level to advanced and elite levels.
  • To those at advanced and elite levels, if you feel to work on a particular component (s) of fitness then we can fine tune that as well.
  • If you need to build up your fitness to sports specific, we have measures to achieve that.
  • If you are a retired athlete and want make comeback, we can help you.
  • If you are 30 plus and are hard pressed for time or lack motivation, we can help you.
  • Most importantly, we will individually customize fitness programs to your personal needs.  
Here is glimpse of each component of physical fitness:


Is the first foundation and corner stone of all fitness programs. Being flexible means having greater and free ROM (range of motion). Range of motion is all important thing for actions of any given muscle. Every given muscle in the body individually or in combination of a group of muscles, acts on a given joint(s) to mobilize them. It is the free movements of joints which results in translating power generated by muscles. Hence, if you have a freely moving joint with comfortable movements of highest degree, it will mean translation of all the powers of muscles so generated.

A compromised flexibility means increase in muscle tension. Like in a person with rigid attitude we say is 'uptight', in terms of body language it is a 'stiff' body. A stiff body is always 'ill at ease' and usually accompanied by an 'anxious' mind. (See more).

So, for more mobile joints, please contact us.


Heart pumps blood to every part of body including lungs. Lungs purify (oxygenate) the blood. There is well coordinated reaction between heart and lung in supplying of purified blood to all parts of body including muscle mass. When we exercise, muscle requires more blood and quickly. Heart and lungs obviously have to work harder to meet the increased demand.

So, you can have large muscle mass but, until and unless you have a heart, which is stout enough to send blood & lungs capable enough to purify blood quickly, these muscles will be deprived of required nutrients. Hence, big muscles will be of little importance if heart and lungs are not able to meet the increased demands of exercise. This enduring actions performed by heart and lungs in tandem without any break is popularly called as 'stamina'.  Fitness experts call this as ENDURATION or more precisely Cardio-Respiratory endurance.

We all know that, walking, jogging, running, swimmimg, cycling, hiking, dancing etc are all good for our heart and lung and are popularly called as AEROBIC activities. So, what is the definition of Aerobic exercises?

"Any physical activity that is sustained, un-interrupted for at-least 20 minutes with the heart rate increased to 65% to 85% of its maximum rate, is capable to provide respiratory and cardio-vascular conditioning and hence, is called as Aerobic exercise."
(See more)

So, for developing a stronger and more efficient heart and a robust pair of lungs, please contact us.

MUSCLE POWER (Strength, Tone, Co-ordination & Contouring)

Any one form of exercise will condition certain sets of muscles when done regularly enough. The best results are achieved by integrating variety of exercises into a weekly schedule of a fitness program which is capable of addressing all the four components of muscle power.

Most effective way to build muscle strength is weight training. Pumping iron is very popular and common these days. It is pertinent to remember that, weight training is different as oppose to Weight lifting (a sport entity in own right ). Weight training is also called as 'Resistance training', because muscles are trained with a regime of gradual increase in resistance (gradual overloading).

Weight training can be started with as low as 3-5 % of body weight (e.g.wrist) to 35-40% (e.g. quadriceps). On an average most groups of muscles requires 20-25 % of body weight e.g. biceps, triceps, deltoids, hamstrings, calves & back muscles.It is ideal to engage in weight training 2-4 times a week with proper warm-up and just following the aerobics.

Best exercises to gain muscle strength are weight training, best exercises for muscle tone and contouring are aerobics, calisthenics and weight training. And best exercises for muscle co-ordinations are aerobics, which also trains neuromuscular receptors. (See More)

So contact us to help you gain more muscle strength, tone, co-ordination and contour.


This is another important and perhaps most ignored component of fitness. Nutrition is also least understood component but, no mistaking it is a crucial and integral component of fitness. Balanced nutrition is important for achieving not only  the ultimate fitness regimes but also, for a really healthy and safe lifestyle.

This component of fitness deserves a due respect, so we will deal it in details as a separate services (Please see Balanced Nutrition)


This is often forgotten component of a fitness program. Let us face it; stress is part and parcel of every body's life. It is an unavoidable side effect of a high pressure societies we have become across the globe.

You need good relaxation programs (and techniques) in all or any of your exercise routines. All relaxation techniques are invaluable rejuvinators when you feel tired and jaded, be it in daily life routine or a fitness routine. Where as adequate sound sleep, recovery nutrition, massages are all good for quick recovery, proper relaxation is also key.

Some of the commonly practiced relaxations techniques are:
  • YOGA
  • SAUNA etc ... the list can go on and on.
(See More)

We will help you integrate relaxation in your daily exercise and / or life routine. Please contact us.

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