Services Overview


1) Our website is basically designed to raise awareness about lifestyle and health related issues. Particular emphasis is on lifestyle related health problems, which we believe is getting out of our hands and have potential to spiral down our health system, if not checked in time. For example, if we do not take care of childhood overweight and obesity problems, the number of type-2 diabetes cases is likely to rise very high. This problem alone can drain our health budgets very quickly and leave very little for all other essential health services.

It is our honest desire to contribute to community education and help check the problem of lifestyle diseases. We believe in getting the basic information’s out in an efforts to educating people. Regular newsletters are published every 2-3 weeks and posted.

Memberships are free, so all members will have direct posting to them.

2) Assessment of your lifestyle Road Map. To help you uncover any undesired elements of your lifestyle, which you might need to work on. We do this by providing you a road-map of your lifestyle and analyse it with you in one-on-one consultation. This assessment is free & can last up to 30 minutes on phone, face to face consultation or even via e-mail response. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and we do free analysis for you. By this, we determine where you are at the moment and where you need to go.

3) Once we have analysed your lifestyle with your help and have identified the areas to work on. If you then determine a need for our help, we can get into an agreement for mentoring programs. Because, the lifestyle issues needs careful consideration, our basic coaching/mentoring programs last for over a period of 8-10 weeks during which we hold series of well space out sessions. We are adept at one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions. A typical session lasting 45-50 minutes and ideally held every fortnightly. We are flexible about the duration of programs, which can be extended or reduced according to needs of our clients.

4) Half day to full day workshops and seminars are designed regularly and is integral part of our services.

To our clients, we can guarantee:
  • To deliver a friendly, professional and caring services,
  • To involve you and keep you up-to-date throughout the contract period and beyond,
  • To be in constant touch and just an email or phone call away should you have any question,
  • To uphold your confidentiality of information’s all the times,
  • To do all in our capacity towards your needs &
  • To reach a desired and satisfactory outcome ultimately.
Meeting your expectation is our goal. We are of firm belief that, with your commitment to your goals, we will be able to help you achieve those goals with clear direction. Forging a positive and permanent relationship and to keep this symbiotic bonds with our clients for good is also our motto.

Our specialist services include many key components of lifestyle. Some of them are listed as below:-
During one-on-one sessions, we assess your needs to work on areas and individually customized your goal setting and goal achieving. We then set, easy to achieve milestones, followed by immediate implementation of actions plans to achieve those individualized goals.

Our goal setting and goal achieving are in most realistic fashion, with very succinct time frame without any compromise on current lifestyle and rather focusing on improving current lifestyles to make it more fulfilling, easier and safer lifestyles.

  • If you have tried to lose weight with any kind of fads diets and have been unsuccessful, then you have reached a right place
  • If you have problem to figure out nutrition facts, then you are in right place
  • If you are 30 plus and have difficulty in keeping your fitness or lacks the motivation to keep exercising, then you are in right place,
  • If you are a sports person and looking to go a higher notch and don't know how, then you have come to right place,
  • If you have difficulty in coping with stress even after your best efforts, you are in right place,
  • If you have difficulty to get your head around achieving your goals, then you are in right place.
We have designed particular plans to help all range of businesses, particularly small businesses by enhancing the interpersonal skills and personal developments of their employees. We believe enhancing the interpersonal skills and personal developments goes a long way to improve the productivity.

Our goal is to help you achieve balanced lifestyle which you can sustain and be successful in achieving your lifetime gaols. We would like to help your goals being aligned with your life purpose.

The benefits of our services are oriented towards not only setting realistic goals but, successfully achieving them with improvement of lifestyle.
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